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Is social media alienating you and your employees? Here are three ways to use social media to increase influence with those you work with.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Look, I am a proponent of Social Media. In fact - I have often told business owners that if they are not on facebook, linkedin, and such, they might as well not have a web site. That is how much I believe in social media. However, it is not the answer to all of your PR issues.  

Follow these three rules and your influence and reputation will grow.
1.       More than a status update.
a.       Update your status. Tell others what you are up to. Now, don't stop there. Send a note to a few people in your network every day. Ask them how they are doing and what they are up to. Congratulate them on something they have posted, etc. Find a reason and a way to serve them without asking for anything in return. Show interest and concern - nothing else.
2.       Don't collect "friends". Connect with people to connect. If you do not know them and do not plan to learn about and serve them, then do not request or accept the connection.
a.       Know the difference between a fan page and a friend page. If a person is your friend - then be friendly. Save fan pages for collecting names and contact information.
3.       Don't forget to write!
a.       I recently received a hand written note from Jeff Rust with Corporate Alliance. It was short, specific and serving. I will never forget the note. Jeff's reputation as a business associate and friend shot through the roof with me. Email, text messages, facebook posts, etc. are great. But if you follow Jeff's lead and pick the right time to send a hand written note, you will reap the rewards of a serving reputation.
Now tweet away!

With all my best,

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