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Losing Focus? 6 Great Ways to Stay on Task

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Have you ever lost focus?
According to Forbes Magazine, "Focus is the key to balance".  Leaders everywhere are plagued with distractions that can take them off task. Here, at Cowboy Leaders, we have experienced this ourselves. That prompted me to get back to the things that are important to me personally and professionally.
Here are 6 things that I do to regain my focus and ensure that my time is being spent on my highest priorities. You will notice that all of them require that I write. There is no greater tool to keep you on task and grounded to what is most important in your life than journaling and putting your thoughts onto paper.
1.       Write a list of the characteristics I hold in high regard, such as, consistency, responsibility and trust.
2.       Write a list of the ten things I am most thankful for in my life.
3.        Write down my three top goals for the week and my two top goals for the month.
4.       Write what I will gain when I achieve my goals.
5.       Write a thank you note to at least two people who have helped me during the past month.
6.       Create a schedule for the next three days.
I hope this helps you find your focus and balance in your life. I know it helps me.

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Fritz Black
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