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How to keep productivity up during the Holidays - 4 easy tricks to do with your team

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The holiday season is upon us. Time to enjoy family and friends and the joy of the season. But you may have noticed your team is slacking on work. That's not good for your bottom line.

According to OSHA, the highest percentage of accidents for any one month occurs in the month of December - every year! It's easy to understand why. So much shopping to do, events and parties to attend, and then there is the problem of paying for all of this in today's economic situation. Here are four things you can do to keep your organization running smooth:

1. Be flexible with hours. If someone needs to leave early, come in late, or leave for two hours at lunch. Do all that you can to accommodate them.

2. Turn on your radar. Watch for signs of stress and tension in your people. Pull them aside and listen to them.

3. Start every day with a quick three minute meeting to ask people to
focus on safety and quality.
This may also be a good time and venue to share the holiday cards your company gets with the people who really drive your company.

4. Focus! You set the tone for the people around you. If you talk about the importance of the work instead of your next party, the people around you will see where your priorities are and respond.

Have a safe and productive holiday season,
Fritz Black
Cowboy Leaders

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