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Friday, December 12, 2008

During difficult times, employees look to management more than ever for information about the health of the company and to stabilize uneasiness about the future. Now is the time to sharpen those leadership skills.

Inform yourself about the likely implications the recession will have on your industry, so you can communicate to your staff the new challenges that lie ahead. Be prepared for questions about changes in workload, and the potential for salary adjustments and staff reductions. Most importantly, let your employees know that opportunities are everywhere, even during times of economic uncertainty.

When competitors are scaling back advertising budgets, launch a new marketing campaign that gets attention at a lower rate. When layoffs are the industry norm, use the increased supply of job seekers to rope otherwise unaffordable talent.

Your company didn't get this far by following the pack, so buck the trend. While so many are falling, now is the time to lead yours to the top.


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