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Successful Opening Event

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Everyone had a great time at the Cowboy Leaders opening event this week. Thanks to those who attended!

We started off the event with some great barbeque and live music from talented local musician and vocalist Lacey Kline.

We then had a horse handling demonstration by Joe Reid in the round pen. He showed us how to communicate with horses through body-language and an understanding of how they think. The parallels between how Joe was able to get the horse to follow him and how successful leaders work were insightful.

We also had the privilege of hearing guest speaker Flynn Chivers talk about the keys to successful leadership and how important those have been in his career. He also spoke about the professional experiences he has had with Fritz.

Finally, we heard from Mark Eaton who talked about the roles that teamwork and leadership have played in his unconventional journey from being an auto mechanic, to an NBA All-Star with the Utah Jazz.

Thanks to Joe, Lacey, Flynn, Mark and everyone else who made the event a success!


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